Marion Snook School of Dance - Tap, ballet and modern dance classes - Witham, Essex, England

COVID-19: All of our dance classes are currently closed.

Dance Shows - Annual Dance Show

Our Dance School performs every year in our Annual Dance Show. Our pupils all enjoy themselves and it is a 'great way' for them to showcase their talents - as it is a joy to watch them perform! All ages of dancers are welcome to perform in our shows (babies through to adults). Throughout the year, we also perform at local Medieval Fayre, and requested Summer Fetes.

Appearing in a dance show, is a great way to build your confidence! Ten years ago, I was 'shaking in my boots' - but now I'm in fifteen routines, and love being on the stage! Some of my favourite dance routines to have danced on stage: Mambo Number 5, Johnny's Mambo, We Love to Boogie, Candyman, 'Phantom of the Opera' and Pirates Ahoy.

Razzmatazz - 2018

We start our journey in Rio 'full of energy'. We dance our steps through Copacabana 'full of sparkle'. We spin our troops in time 'Johnny's Mambo'. We cast our anchor in Tortuga. Shiver me Timbers! As our Phantom of the Opera, invites you to our Dance Show!

Rio Jazz Modern Routine.
'Rio' Jazz Modern Routine.

Back in Time - 2017

The Witches of Eastwick, Cast their Spells, and take you on a Journey 'Back in Time'. There be Chimney Sweeps, with a Spoonful of Sugar. There be Follow the Leader, with Drumbeat Tribal. For we Cast a Spell of 'Dancing Time', our Tenth year's show, is a Chime in Time!

The Witches of Eastwick Character Routine (rehearsal).
'The Witches of Eastwick' Character Routine (rehearsal).

Starlight - 2016

Timber, Timber Roared the Lion, come and see our Dancing Rhymes! From Jungle Beats to Latin Steps. From Broadway Lines to Ghostly Ghouls. Come Tap your Feet - said Beetlejuice. Come Clap your Hands - said Cowboy's Girls. For Cinderella: invites you to her Ball.

Jump and Sing Barbados dance show routine.
'Jump and Sing' Barbados dance show routine.

Dance Spells - 2015

From Tiny Tots, to Thunderous Adults - with Spells of Dance and Musical Notes: we invite you to our Magical Realm. There be Swans in Black, Angels in White, and Avatars in Blue. With a Sprinkle of Fairy Dust. With a Wave of a Wand. Our Dance Spell is Cast!

Angels and Demons tap and modern show routine.
'Angels and Demons' tap and modern show routine.