Marion Snook School of Dance - Tap, ballet and modern dance classes - Witham, Essex, England

COVID-19: All of our dance classes are currently closed.

Modern Dance Classes - Adult, Senior and Babies

Modern / Jazz Modern is one of the 'greatest ways' to become immersed 'in the role of a character' on the Dance stage. Feel the rhythm through your body - to the beat of the music! Your whole body shall come alive, as you dance as part of a troupe, 'let your hair down' and get a 'full body workout'. We have loads of fun in our weekly modern dance classes! So could you :)

Modern dance is my favourite style of dance for 'acting in character'. Its great fun dressing up as a Pirate, dancing as an Alien, and owning the stage as a 'Phantom of the Opera'. It allows you to be 'whoever you want to be' on the stage - even being able to dance Salsa, with a spin here, and a spin there! With a cha-cha here, and a cha-cha there!

Modern Dance Class - Photos

Here you can see various photographs from our modern classes:

Pirates Ahoy photo shoot.
'Pirates Ahoy' photo shoot.
Phantom of the Opera photo shoot.
'Phantom of the Opera' photo shoot.
Phantom of the Opera contemporary dance show routine.
'Phantom of the Opera' contemporary dance show routine.
Eve of the War modern jazz show routine.
'Eve of the War' modern jazz show routine.
Pirates Ahoy character dance show routine.
'Pirates Ahoy' character dance show routine.