Marion Snook School of Dance - Tap, ballet and modern dance classes - Witham, Essex, England

COVID-19: All of our dance classes are currently closed.

Tap Dance Classes - Adult, Senior and Babies

Tap is fun, rhythmical and exhilarating! Throwaway 'your everyday stresses' with a good tap class. Listen to the music and get those feet tapping! From basic steps to more advanced work. From solos to entire troupes - have fun answering the question: what sounds/music can my feet make? We have loads of fun in our weekly tap dance classes! So could you :)

What I most like about tap is 'making noise'. There's nothing quite like an entire dance troupe that's 'tapping in time': shuffle springs, tap springs and triple time steps. Its amazing to perform on the stage 'in a tap routine', as you can feel the audience 'engaging with the music' and the 'sound of your taps' - 'building through the rhythm' to the finale of the dance!

Tap Class - Photos

Here you can see various photographs from our tap classes:

Las Ketchup Latin tap dance show routine.
'Las Ketchup' Latin tap dance show routine.
Gypsy Riverdance tap routine.
'Gypsy' Riverdance tap routine.
We Love to Boogie tap dance show routine.
'We Love to Boogie' tap dance show routine.